Our Mission

We plan, place, and manage highly effective and efficient advertising schedules that get your message to the right audience. With broadcast still being the best way to reach mass audiences, we get your message into their homes. By getting the right message to the right people, Big Picture Politics has the unique ability to seamlessly and rapidly execute broadcast media buys from a national scope down to the local DMA level, which gives us a distinct competitive advantage for our clients. Our experience enables us to analyze media buys, which allows our clients to reach their core demographic with tailored messaging that mitigates waste and saves money.

Like you,
all we care about is winning.

In every race, winning begins with an effective, targeted media plan that gets your message to the people who matter most — the right people. We’re a successful broadcast media buying company that specializes in planning and executing political advertising campaigns. Our veteran staff has executed successful campaigns at every level and will meet your needs through research, experience, and unsurpassed customer service. We get results. Our solutions consistently give a winning edge to our campaigns.